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About Duratrack

Duratrack is a midwest-based 30,000 square foot facility that was founded in 1949. With sixty five years of successful operation and average employee tenure of fifteen years, Duratrack consistently provides the peace of mind that your projects and products are there when you need them.

What Makes Duratrack an Effective Partner?

  • A history of listening first and talking later helps us help you by accurately understanding your needs.
  • In-house design support helps us to effectively work with you to solve problems and lower costs on the front end while meeting your functional requirements.
  • An extensive range of in-house processes helps us:
    • Keep your prices down (no need to mark up manufacturing processes performed by outside sources).
    • Provide products to you with shorter than standard lead times when needed.
    • Decrease the number of suppliers that you need.
    • Provide you with consistent high quality because we control fabrication from delivery of raw material to shipment.