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1. What types and forms of material does Duratrack work with?

We fabricate products from 20 gauge up to 3/8″ thick coil & sheet and up to 12″ diameter bar stock & tubing in the following materials: low carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

2. What are your standard lead-times?

Standard shipping lead-times are shown below. Please note that these do not include the shipping transit time from our facility to yours.

  • Curtain, sliding door, enclosed track festoon hardware – one week
  • Compact beam and festoon hardware – one to three weeks
  • Universal beam festoon hardware, zinc plated – four weeks
    • Hot dipped galvanized finish, add one week
  • Truck hardware – one to four weeks
  • Custom Metal Fabrication – up to four weeks

Duratrack’s extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to manufacture and ship parts faster than normal when you have an emergency requirement.

3. Does Duratrack offer design and prototype assistance?

Absolutely!! One of our strengths is to support your engineering activities, and work with you during the product development process. We can offer feedback regarding manufacturability, budget, etc., and will make prototypes for your analysis and testing.

4. What kind of engineering software does Duratrack use?

Our standard engineering software is AutoCAD. SolidWorks and Inventor formats are also supported.

5. Who is my salesperson?

Duratrack uses direct inside/outside sales personnel. Our sales personnel are an effective interface for understanding and representing your technical needs and value requirements to Duratrack’s internal personnel, then communicating Duratrack’s ability to fulfill those needs back to you.

6. What are your standard freight terms?

Duratrack standard shipping terms, when shipping by truck, are f.o.b. origin, freight collect. The standard shipping terms, when shipping by UPS or FedEx, are either pre-paid and add, or collect if you provide us with your UPS or FedEx account number.